The health and safety of our customers is our top priority, not only during these concerning times with the spread of COVID-19, but always. Our team is prepared to continue doing business as usual while taking precautionary measures to ensure that we can navigate any situation safely.

Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family

Kalman Fromowitz migrated to this country with his son William Fromowitz to make a better life for his family. He was determined from the start to try new things until he found something he was passionate about. After working for an exterminator part-time, his thought was bugs and rodents will surpass humans living on this earth.

With a dream in mind, he set forth his goal and in 1968 established AKF Pest Control. The name was created for when you open the phone book “A” was the first letter, “K” representing his name and “F” for the last name and to carry through generations.

They did just that and continued to keep the “Customers comes fist” mentality. To this day the business model is personalization and communication is the key to success.

In June of 2020 Williams children took on the legacy in honor of the late William Fromowitz. They have recently rebranded AKF to honor their father’s name he entered this country with Wolf.

Wolf Pest Control will continue to be a family business, and the children will continue to provide the same mentality as it did upon opening in 1968. Without our customers we wouldn’t be here.